Miner’s World is about to go online to be the strongest cornerstone of the blockchain world

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Just as block chains can not be separated from distributed networks and decentralized technologies, the underlying support of digital money can not be separated from miners who dig day and night.

But contrary to the highlights of the digital world, the heavy asset mining circle presents a diametrically opposite trend. Deep pits one after another, needless to say, old miners will fall into the pit, new miners are not suitable.

Miner’s World is to solve the above problems, to establish a platform belonging to the miners themselves, in addition to the basic functions of the ordinary mining platform, the integration of information services, mining circle home, cloud computing power, hot and cold wallet and other one-stop services, the most important is to provide the platform’s mainstream mine pool Stanking cloud mining, but also based on various mining models to launch a stable MWT ecological application coin.

Miner’s World purpose

The Miner’s World business model is open and transparent, aiming to establish a world-class distributed digital currency ecological model, providing a safe, fair and open platform for global online users, Miner’s World will play a strong role in the global blockchain asset trading team, join hands with high-quality investors and advisory teams, with strong advantages of core technology advantages and resources to achieve global strategy.

Miner’s World users to carry out digital currency, recommendation and so on can obtain digital asset awards, and Miner’s World ecological applications cover business promotion, cross-border transactions, chain lending, wallets and other aspects, from different aspects to meet the diverse needs of participants, to provide a variety of benefits for the platform.

Miner’s World problem solved

I. Significant reduction in miners’ admission losses

Industry development brings fresh blood, but new miners do not have sufficient information channels to understand the basic information of mining industry. Therefore, all kinds of losses, such as the cost of mine machine, pool resources, daily maintenance, safety and so on, greatly reduce the miners’ due income.

II. Development of the mineral circle ecology

Miner’s World not only provides rich information for miners, but also integrates multi-ecological chain applications and access Miner’s World. Cycle in the series of platform ecological application coin MWT. all platform users can use MWT subscribe for the required assets, including, but not limited to, NFT non-homogeneous pass (each NFT has a unique and unique identity that can be used as a unique property certificate in the digital world), commercial promotion, cross-chain transactions, DEFI products, etc. to meet the diverse needs of miners.

III. Cloud mining model

Miner’s World provide cloud mining machine subscription, users only need to use MWT to subscribe for different power mining machine. At the same time, this also belongs to the cloud computing platform, which splits and sells the computing power in the mining machine, reduces the threshold for users to dig, and there will be no bull power outages, new machines becoming second-hand, and maintenance and noise problems. The platform assumes its risk through high-level management and technical level. The profit of the platform lies in the difference between mining machine and cloud computing power, electricity difference and part of management fee. Users do not need to buy cloud computing power, that is, buy and dig 365 days without stopping the income mechanism, so that Miner’s World users put aside the heavy asset model. Liberate your time.

The Miner’s World platform uses coin innovation to help global miners rebuild the ecological circle in the WEB3.0 era

The tokens issued by the Miner’s World, as the general currency of the whole ecosystem, are also the subject of real right, representing the ownership and disposal of the assets of the user on the platform. Users can also use MWT to participate in the governance DAO the platform, with the state of organization. Ecological integrity gains high returns.

MWT location and function are unique, the application scene is clear and extensive. Meanwhile, MWT realized free exchange transactions with various mainstream digital currencies around the world, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethernet Square (ETH), Wright coin (LTC) and so on. To sum up, MWT has a general digital currency unparalleled wide application, stable and lasting value.

Miner’s World vision

The current digital mining industry has formed a closed ecosystem, including integrated circuit design, chip design, research and development, production, manufacturing, mining machinery assembly, closed testing, trade, mine construction, mechanical transportation and back-end financial matching, as well as computing platform and joint mining service platform.

This ecology contains hundreds of billions of yuan a year of real business, is a very perfect ecology, each ecology has a very good practitioners.

With the arrival of the 5 G era and the bull market in the digital world, Miner’s World will slowly land with a strong ecological consensus application to build the world’s largest mining service supply platform.I believe that in the near future, Miner’s World the entire global mining ecology, as an indestructible cornerstone of the block chain industry, let us wait and see!

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