City orders fixes for famous Old Cloverdale property

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The City of Montgomery has requested fixes for a cherished stretch of Old Cloverdale retail space.

Ask any Midtown Montgomery occupant what advancement they need to find in their neighborhood and rapidly the for the most part covered property on East Fairview Avenue rings a bell.

Land owner and designer Mike Watson possesses that mainstream column of customer facing facades in Old Cloverdale. In 2013 he reported the advancement of another Scottish bourbon bar which never appeared after permit inconveniences.

In 2018 Watson revealed another arrangement which incorporated a second area for the neighborhood Italian café SaZa, a housetop bar, and a brew garden.

Inhabitants excited for new life right now the advancement. As the years wore on, the structure began to show its age.

Thursday, the City of Montgomery posted notification along the greater part of the empty customer facing facades requesting fixes.

“We received some complaints in regards to the building being unsecured and having issues regarding the roof,” expressed Chief Property Maintenance Inspector Brandon Hodge. “We made an inspection of the property and noted that the complaints were valid. Obviously you can see the door is open.”

The notification allows Watson 60 days to make the fixes, which Hodge thinks about a sensible course of events.

“If a property owner makes an effort, they start making repairs and something comes up we will absolutely work with anybody that’s making the effort on their part,” Hodge clarified.

Rebelliousness could warrant lawful activity, and the city could look for a court request to make the fixes. Different roads include the city making the fixes and setting a lien on the property to recover the expenses.

“Hopefully they will call,” said Hodge. “We are shooting for compliance at all times.”

WSFA’s various endeavors to arrive at Watson about this notification were ineffective.

People reached Jeff Thorpe with SaZa, who’d marked on to open another eatery on this property. Thorpe affirmed they’re never again seeking after this particular endeavor.

Area 7 city councilman Clay McInnis says they’re effectively observing this circumstance.

“Since being elected in August, I have received countless messages from concerned residents and business owners,” McInnis expressed. “This property lies in the heart of District 7 and must be preserved to continue building our community.”

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