Planning the pool party – 10 things must have?

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Los Angeles, USA – Are you planning to take a deep dive in chilled pool water with your friends this summer? If yes, make sure you have the best poolside accessories for a remarkable party. From sunscreen to pool floats, lounge chairs to water games, Pool Towel Rack, lots of other things will help you make an impactful impression on your poolside get-together. In this article, we have compiled a list of some pool party things that should be kept. Scroll down to read:

#1 Pool Floats

Pool Floats are one of the essential things that should be included in any pool party. There are plentiful options to choose from. If you want to get the idea of floats, you can check the profile of one of your favourite bloggers on Instagram or by searching on Google. Definitely, you and your friends will love lying on flamingo, ice cream, pizza or unicorn floats of different shapes and sizes. For kids, you will need to keep lifejackets, pool noodles or floaties to avoid the risk of drowning. 

#2 Lounge Chairs

Not everyone likes water necessarily in the pool party. There will also be some guests at your party who will have to avoid the tan from the sun’s rays. Keeping in mind the convenience of all, you need to have some comfortable lounge chairs which have multiple tilting capabilities. There will be some guests who would like to get out of the water and relax somewhere. While arranging for a lounge chair is not mandatory if that is going out of your budget, having an umbrella-covered seating area is good. 

#3 Party Drinks

However, it is a pool party in the scorching sun so arranging for drinks, drinks and mocktails is a must. All you need is a container that is filled with soda, water & ice. In the second scenario, you can also order beer or alcohol. Ultimately, the party is yours so it’s up to you to decide the drinks menu. To expand things, you can set up your drink bar with a plethora of drinks options.  

#4 Multiple Snacks options

Your guests can’t be satisfied with just-drinks, so it’s important to have a variety of junk food. While preparing the menu, the quantity of salt should be limited as bloating can occur. Alternatively, you can serve fresh fruits or typical party snacks like regular packed chips, potato chips, corn chips, etc. Also choose healthy dips like hummus, guacamole, salsa, etc. 

#5 Bluetooth Speaker and Party Playlists

Any party is incomplete without music even if it is a pool party. You can invest in high-quality speakers to bring life and fun to the party. These Bluetooth speakers are ideal for any waterproof location and have other handy features like Bluetooth. The work does not end by bringing a speaker; there should also be a list of party songs. Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora from where you can choose your favourite party songs. To save money, you can take a free trial until the party’s over. That way you won’t have to pay for membership and enjoy party music without any interruptions.

#6 Waterproof Phone Cases

Every guest of yours would like to capture the moments of the party and post them on social media. Buying a waterproof phone case not only protects the phone from falling and damage due to water drops but also captivates some unique shots. Amazon is always ready to bring some interesting waterproof phone cases under your budget. This means, your guests can bring their phones to your pool party without ever worrying about water damage. Also, this is a good way to impress your guests even more.

#7 Pool Party Games

What’s better than pool games for parties to make them even more exciting? However, to move things along, make sure you have a few water games ready in case your guests ever want a change of pace. Games like Pool Volleyball Game, Musical Water Balloon Toss, Pool Race, Water Balloon Games, and Water Polo are some of the best pool games. Just remember to be polite to guests who prefer to stay dry.

#8 Decoration Items

To make a party theme, you will need decorative items. Start choosing inviting colours to give your pool party a happy and relaxed vibe. Tabletops, gleaming pieces of paper are not only eye-catching, but they can light up the party as the evening continues. You can also add summer inflatables, flamingos, beach balls, photo props to compliment the party theme. Some people love to organize a classic party. That people can include decoration items like balloons, streamers, tableware, and lantern lights. Just pay attention, this is a pool party, don’t add shiny decorations too much.

#9 Towels and Bathrobes

There will be some guests who can bring their towels but still, you will have to keep a collection of towels around the pool party location. Choose a better towel set than buying one by one towel, whatever the colours and sizes, so that kids and adults can use them. The collection of bathrobes can also be seen in VIP’s pool parties, it depends on you how premium the party has to be. And finally, do not forget to place a Pool Towel Rack or towel hooks. This will allow your guest to hang their wet towels. 

#10 Vibrant Menu

Some parties become so long that the day in which the meal has to be organized. When it comes to planning a meal, the cost of both the goods and snacks will increase for the entire crowd. Plan a better night pool party than this, in which you can serve things like hamburgers and hot dogs in the food. These food varieties are inexpensive and healthier too. Don’t forget to get some vegetarian food, or veggie burgers or dogs for any vegan friends, close ones or relatives. 

Final Words:

Hopefully, you’ll be going to make the pool party memorable by looking at some of the best pool party items, food, game and drink ideas.

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