How to Solve the Problem of Power Outage Permanently in India?

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Fardiabhad, Haryana, India — During the monsoon and summers, power outage is India’s most common problem. Unfortunately, these problems of people not get solved properly…. These merciless outages continue to stomp on our sighs, oblivious to our joy in small things. But don’t give up hope. We are living in the era of inverters, not because we have a rescuer in shining shield that will suddenly restore electricity.

Due to the steep rise in power rates from energy suppliers, demand for solar systems and electricity storage is also particularly strong. The Corona epidemic, tight supply chains, rising raw material prices, and restricted manufacturing capabilities all contributed to a modest increase in photovoltaic pricing per kWp in 2022.

We don’t yet know how module, inverter, and mounting system prices will evolve over the period of 2022. However, we do not expect prices to fall much more. You’ll discover a low-cost photovoltaic system with solid names from well-known manufacturers at Loom Solar. For a limited time, we are offering photovoltaic systems at a reduced prices, as well as inverters, modules, solar charge controllers, solar batteries, and solar power storage.

Solar Installation Service

Are you searching for a solar system assembly business or a storage unit retrofit that you don’t want to install yourself? We’d be delighted to provide you with a photovoltaic or storage system, as well as installation, anywhere in the India. We may also connect to the grid in India and register with a local energy provider.

Keep in mind these things before sola installation service:

  1. Engineer Visit: We provide solar consulting services to help you choose the best solar equipment and services for your needs.
  2. Product Selection & Cost Estimation: The cost of a solar panel system is determined by the system’s kind, technology, capacity, brands, and installation location. In India, the average cost of a 1kW grid-connected solar system is Rs. 58,000 to 60,000/kW, whereas the average cost of a 1kW freestanding solar system is Rs. 96,000. You can calculate the price of a rooftop solar system using this solar system.
  3. Installation: Loom Solar specialists visit the installation site after you purchase your solar system and install solar panels, inverters, batteries, and system balancing according to the single line design. We supply a solar panel and inverter test report for net metering installation after completion, as well as instructions on how to use the net metre at the consumer’s location.

Because numerous types of inverters are used for different applications, a layperson might easily become confused. As a result, you’ll find all you need to know about the pricing, as well as the benefits, drawbacks, and unique characteristics of various inverters, in the sections below.

For your PV system, you’ll need battery inverters

Solar-system batteries are all the rage: In the face of growing power rates, people are more interested in using the electricity generated for their own purposes. As a result, storing the power generated in batteries and using it later in the home or in the car is a good idea. Inverter battery for home can safely store the PV system’s direct power and make it accessible on demand later.

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