Academy of Art University on the Relevance of Online Education During the Pandemic

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Now more than ever, we have all learned first hand that time is short and that things can change in our daily lives literally overnight. As COVID-19 set in the world over in 2020, a trove of programs, processes, and plans ground to a halt. Two years later, we have come to learn that we must innovate and adapt to changing times rather than put our lives on hold. And this applies, perhaps now more than ever, to education as well.

Education, especially for professionals who are also pursuing careers and balancing family lives, tends to take a back burner to other responsibilities. And with the changes brought on by the pandemic, potential students may be tempted to keep this ambition on hold. However, Academy of Art University points to a number of opportunities that students and professionals can embrace despite present challenges. And with access to growing online education programs, these challenges are quickly converted into chances for success. 

Making Education A Priority During the Pandemic

Uncertain times can lead even the most determined of us to put ambitions or change on hold. With so many unknowns, like new variants of COVID-19 and shifting guidelines from the CDC, adding more uncertainty to the mix can seem daunting. But education does not need to be a second-tier priority or an uncertain entity. 

In fact, now more than ever, prospective students have opportunities to access the education of their choosing in the field of their interest. The pandemic forced many schools who were not already offering courses online to pivot rapidly. And those who had already established programs, like Academy of Art University, were uniquely positioned to keep their students and staff up and running with minimal disruption. In fact, Academy of Art University had established and refined its online offerings over 20 years of experience. Years into the pandemic, these programs remain strong and students remain on track with graduates entering the a newly configured workforce equipped for success. 

Opportunities Presented by Online Education and Academy of Art University

Even if you have access to a hybrid or in-person education offerings, online learning offers a number of benefits over more traditional formats. For one, online programs give students flexibility when it comes to attendance and study times, tossing aside rigid class sessions and requirements that can often conflict with other real-world commitments like work and family. This pacing can also be a benefit when it comes to the learning process itself. Students can set their own schedules and manage their own time using their own self-motivation to get their work done.

Contrary to what you might think, online courses keep students and faculty connected around the clock and ad hoc, in contrast to traditional classroom sessions. Rather than being restricted to set class sessions or office hours, students in online classes can message their faculty any time and receive clear, timely responses. Forums, message boards, and live Q&A sessions connect people no matter where they live to help them get the answers they need. 

What’s more, online education makes access to tools and technology more equalized across the student body. In programs such as Academy of Art University’s rLab, for example, students can log in from anywhere to access a remote machine specifically set up with their coursework and all of the licensed software they need to create their projects. Additional student portals make project sharing and collaboration easy from anywhere, enabling students and faculty to provide feedback and work together on creative endeavors without skipping a beat.

Of course, no one knows when or how conditions will permit for a return to the traditional classroom. Perhaps students will permanently balance a combination or hybrid education, or some schools may return to a completely in person design when times allow. Academy of Art University remains uniquely positioned to support fully online, hybrid, and in-person learning based on CDC guidelines and student/faculty needs. Options to transition back to the classroom remain in discussion along with the best way to balance student and faculty accessibility and health. 

In the meantime, online education remains an ample opportunity to further an education in the arts no matter where you live or what your chosen field is. Academy of Art University offers courses and degree programs representing the full scope of the arts, from graphic design to fashion to architecture. These degree and certificate programs continue to welcome students as the pandemic evolves, with students completing portfolios and graduating on time the same as always. 

Academy of Art University has a storied history of providing industry-based curriculum learning to artists, designers and creatives. Students can choose from more than 120 accredited degree options, all taught by instructors who are experienced professionals in a course of study. Academy coursework is a hands-on experience that combines a solid foundation of core skills with the freedom for students to express themselves creatively. To learn more about the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate programs, visit 

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